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triko ctverec
SGR. unisex t-shirt
In stock (1 pcs)
1 800 Kč

SGR. unisex wide reversible t-shirt. Wear with a longer front part or vice versa. Oversize cut, wide sleeves and magic logo.

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pansky rolak ctverec3
2 200 Kč

Long Sleeve Heavy Knit Turtleneck. A functional yet elegant t-shirt. Suitable for daily wear or for sports activities. Outlast® material, developed for NASA, regulates...

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triko family ctverec
1 190 Kč –16 %
Outlast® T-shirt - white
In stock (4 pcs)
999 Kč

Do you want a functional, yet elegant t-shirt? An ideal piece for sports and active life. The Outlast® material works like a Merino, but regulates your temperature according to...

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From functional t-shirts made of exclusive Outlast material to t-shirts with a pocket made of strong cotton that will last for several seasons with proper maintenance.

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